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There is documented proof that leadership effectiveness determines business performance. Most efforts to develop mastery in leadership focus on the outer game of competence with little focus on the inner game of consciousness. The outer game consists of using all of our knowledge and experience, as well as our technical, managerial, and leadership competence, to accomplish results. This where most leaders spend most of their time, since the day-to-day requirements are fierce and the learning curve is steep.

Great leadership transcends skill, capability, and competence. It includes integrity, honesty, passion, vision, risk-taking, compassion, courage, authenticity, collaboration, self-awareness, selflessness, endurance, humility, intuition, and wisdom. These are qualities of the inner game and the new edge in achieving leadership effectiveness at the personal and organizational level.

In a panel discussion held by Robert Haydock (CEO, AML Oceanographic), Troy Griffiths (CEO, Vigil Health), Steven Myhill Jones (CEO, Latitude Geographics) and Ken Lewis (CEO, Seastar Chemicals) will discuss what the defining moments have been in their leadership journey.

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