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It runs like a Swiss watch

The ACETECH team is truly driven by our mission to energize and equip CEOs for growth. Our passions are as diverse as our skills; together we bring ACETECH’s culture to life.  Our commitment is to help you succeed as a CEO by providing access to the tools and people you need throughout your journey as a leader.

Paris Gaudet

Executive Director

Chelsea Pedersen

Operations Manager

Liz Bowell


Becky Kyle

Roundtable Coordinator

Kathy Troupe

Executive Director

Kathy is positive and bright
With a smile that can light up the night
She loves her job herding cats
She thinks this is where it’s at
And she’s never going to give up the fight

Simon Cloutier

Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Simon says join us and grow
We’ll teach you what you need to know
He knows this is true
It can happen to you
And that’s how you’ll make more dough

Shannon Susko

Growth Architect

If there is one person that embodies ACETECH, both as a CEO that benefited from our events and workshops early on, and later as a CEO that helped build ACETECH and support other CEOs, it’s Shannon Susko, successful tech entrepreneur and author of The Metronome Effect.

Tiana Gale

Marketing and Operations Manager

Tiana is a high-energy gal.
She will always bring up the team morale.
While marketing is her gig.
She likes to live life big.
And her decisions are always based on rationale

Helen Hu

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Helen just gets the job done
She’s a powerful force of one
Nothing’s too big
Nothing’s too small
In the end she impresses us all

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