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27 years of growing leaders in BC

ACETECH was founded in 1992 by the titans of the BC tech industry who were looking for other like-minded CEOs to discuss issues and help each other fast-track the growth of their company.

It all started over informal get-togethers driven by a very basic need–someone to talk business with. For these early founders, innovating and breaking ground in a new, rapidly evolving industry was a lonely place. They needed other like-minded CEOs who understood the BC tech industry and could provide validation and support for new ideas, products, funding opportunities, and different ways of thinking and doing business.

As the BC tech industry grew, so did the number of tech-founders who needed to talk shop. It wasn’t long before the early founders realized they needed to expand their dinner conversations and engage a growing group of tech CEOs in BC–that’s when ACETECH and the Whistler Summit were born. ACETECH’s Annual Whistler Summit continues to be BC’s foremost tech CEO conference and our signature event.

The pace of growth and innovation in the BC tech industry began to accelerate and so did the number of tech startups in BC. While there was no shortage of brilliant minds that could build innovative new technologies and products, there was a shortage of knowledge about how to take it to market.

Many of BC’s early tech companies began to achieve commercial success, and with this success came new challenges: effective leadership, profitable growth and building sustainable companies. ACETECH decided to offer a member-based model that would better serve BC’s tech CEOs by providing ongoing engagement, learning and support.

ACETECH has survived and thrived over the last 25 years because the passion of a group of committed leaders. They care about BC’s tech community and economy, and they know what it takes to succeed.

Today, ACETECH continues to be the leading not-for-profit organization created by CEOs for the advancement of CEOs of second-stage tech companies. When you join ACETECH you become a member of the most connected, supportive and high-performing community of tech-founder CEOs in BC.

If you want to level up your performance and your profit, then let’s get started.

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