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Every roundtable meeting I have attended since I joined Acetech 4 years ago, I have taken back something new which I leaned and put it to practice in my organization, we have continued to see growth in our company. As a member, I get training from some of the best speakers in the business community from North America. Clearly getting involved in Acetech was a game changer for me and my company.

Zeeshan Hayat, President, PrizmMedia

Acetech is an invaluable resource. The opportunities my membership provides – from peer learning at our CEO Round Table to hearing inspirational thought leaders speak at the Whistler Summit – has had a influential role in helping me pivot my company into a successful organisation in the subscription economy.

Vivek Thomas, President, MAXIMIZER

There is no doubt that my ACETECH membership has helped RTOWN grow to become the company it is today. ACETECH has helped me become a better CEO and helped make the leaders at RTOWN better leaders. I cannot recommend ACETECH enough to fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Luke Aulin, CEO, RTOWN

My ACETECH membership is an incredible deal! As a CEO, you can’t get that kind of value for yourself and your entire team anywhere else.

Scott Phillips, President, Starfish Medical

Since I joined, ACETECH has been invaluable. I’ve learned a lot from the speakers and sessions, and I have introduced many new methodologies that are making a huge difference. I also have access to a peer group that challenges me and provides advice on critical issues just when I need it. It’s priceless!

Joshua Rottenberg, President, Computrol Fuel Systems Inc.

My only regret is that I wish I would have joined earlier. The sessions are very informative and useful. My CEO Roundtable provides huge value. I now move my travel schedule to make sure I attend.

Udi Daon, Past CEO, Navigate Surgical Technologies

Everything I’ve learned so far has been valuable to support my company’s growth. There are lots of methodologies out there. ACETECH introduces some of the very best available and helps companies bring them to life.

Ryan St Germaine, CEO, Bcjobs.ca

ACETECH is a fantastic organization and a great value! The ACETECH Roundtable groups provide excellent peer support, then getting all the additional benefits of professional development for myself and our executive team has been a huge advantage for our company.

Troy Griffiths, President & CEO, Vigil Health Solutions

Once I got involved in ACETECH, I  realized what my role as CEO needed to be. Now I’m focusing on the right things and moving Celayix to the next level.

Gurmit Dhaliwal, President, Celayix Software

Getting involved in ACETECH was a game changer for me. As a member, I get training in best practices to accelerate my performance as a CEO and my company growth; I also get ongoing support and advice from a trusted group of CEOs. The change in my company has been significant; we have improved dramatically in just about every measurable area of performance.

Robert Haydock, CEO, AML Oceanographic

Being a CEO can be a lonely place. Getting involved in a CEO Roundtable has been a great support for me. I can ask for help when I feel stuck, and get unbiased perspectives from other CEOs who have similar challenges.

Marnie Larson, CEO, StarGarden

I have received tons of value being involved in ACETECH. It has had a very positive impact for me and my company. There is strong peer support and great learning opportunities! I have explored many methodologies before, and find ACETECH to be the most relevant.

Gonzalo Tudela, CEO, Vandrico Solutions

What I like about ACETECH is that it connects passion with business technology. Their growth strategy program provides opportunities for personal development alongside powerful tools and strategies for business expansion. I love the humility, vulnerability and integrity of this CEO community. These are the common values of truly successful people.

Dale Dubberley, CEO, Drive Business Intelligence

ACETECH has been a very positive experience. I’ve learned a lot from my peer group and other ACETECH programs. The Whistler Summit is always a source of inspiration.

Albert Hadi, CEO, 3AG Systems

My CEO training, I got it from ACETECH.

Zahoor Samji, President & CEO, Orbital Technologies

I’m getting tons of value from the CEO Roundtable and the Growth Strategy Program, and having my team trained at the same time has made all the difference. We’ve been able to implement and make real positive changes in our company.

Michael Togyi, CEO, BasicGov Systems

The Growth Strategy Program pulls you and your team out of the operations. It forces a strategic rhythm in the company and brings fresh perspectives to old problems. This has really helped clarify goals and align the team on what matters.

Milan Veverka, CEO, Keboola

The Whistler Summit provides an ideal combination of setting, topics, activities to energize business leaders.

Bruce Forde, CEO, Cambian

Anytime I get a chance to rethink my business, we grow. ACETECH delivers.

Mike Gardner, CEO, Agreement Express

ACETECH is my most valuable resource for development as a leader. My years of involvement with ACETECH have made me a better CEO, and ACL a stronger company.

Harald Will, Executive Chairman, ACL

Peer learning, framed from experience, is fun and invaluable. When I listen to my peers, I know they are walking in my shoes and deal with many of the same realities I do. This continues to be so important in moving from idea or strategy to execution. Thank you ACETECH.

Chris Wilson, President, Function Point Productivity Software

The ACETECH Whistler Summit has allowed First West Capital to create meaningful connections with leaders and entrepreneurs in technology. It’s an a enjoyable, high-quality networking event

Kristi Miller, National Managing Director, First West Capital

ACETECH is an unparalleled opportunity to network with CEOs of technology companies. There is no other event for our sponsorship dollars that enable us to spend quality time developing relationships with key decision makers in an informal environment.

Blair Quinn, Senior Vice President, The High Technology Facilites Group, CBRE

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