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Your personal, confidential advisory group

When you join as a member, the ACETECH leadership team will help you join a CEO Roundtable that is the best fit for you and your business. Your CEO Roundtable is an exclusive peer advisory board of trusted and experienced CEOs with whom you can openly discuss critical issues and share hard learned lessons in the strictest confidence. What makes the CEO Roundtables so powerful is your group’s shared commitment to profitable growth and a desire to help each other succeed. It is an incredible opportunity to leverage the combined experience of your group to help you make better decisions, faster.


Focus on goals and strategies! The purpose of ACETECH’s CEO Roundtable program is to provide a forum for like-minded CEOs of growth oriented tech companies to identify and discuss important issues pertinent to their immediate needs.  There is a culture of brutal honesty in every CEO Roundtable and a strict code of confidentiality that provides a safe environment where CEOs can openly discuss those issues that keep them awake at night.

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The ACETECH leadership team will work with you to find the best CEO Roundtable group based on your personal and corporate goals. Every member has an opportunity to join a Peer Roundtable for ongoing peer advice and support. Members can also choose to join a Growth Roundtable focused specifically on implementation of best practices of high growth companies.

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Passionate CEOs of their own companies, ACETECH’s CEO Roundtable Chairs are committed and trained to lead and foster constructive dialogue within each group. Each leader leverages their personal business experiences to bring the group’s culture to life and ensure adherence to the principles and core values that are the foundation of each group.

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As a longtime supporter of ACETECH, KPMG’s commitment goes far beyond the call of duty. The KPMG Roundtable award exists to recognize the highest performing CEO roundtable each year. The criteria used to evaluate each roundtable includes the overall rating of each meeting throughout the year, as well as the participation and engagement of each individual member.

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Being a CEO can be a lonely place. Getting involved in a CEO Roundtable has been a great support for me. I can ask for help when I feel stuck, and get unbiased perspectives from other CEOs who have similar challenges.

Marnie Larson, CEO, StarGarden
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