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From strategy to execution

The ACETECH leadership team will work with you to find the best CEO mentoring group based on your personal and corporate goals. Every member has an opportunity to join a Peer Roundtable for ongoing peer advice and support. Members can also choose to join a Growth Roundtable focused specifically on implementation of best practices of high growth companies.

Peer Roundtable

Your confidential peer advisory board

With an emphasis on confidentiality, personal responsibility and accountability to your group. You can count on your CEO mentoring group to listen, speak from personal experience, and help you find solutions to some of your toughest questions and challenges.

The Peer Roundtable acts much like an advisory board. Here’s where you have those 10% of conversations you can’t have anywhere else. There’s a strict code of confidentiality that ensures a safe environment where CEOs can be vulnerable and talk about the things that keep them awake at night.


  • Closed group of 8 to 10 members
  • Monthly meetings are scheduled a year in advance
  • Groups typically meet for 3 hours over dinner
  • Trained members chair the meetings
  • Each group sets its own agenda
  • 911 process available to address critical issues outside regular meetings

Growth Roundtable

Your journey to predictable profit

Master the habits that are the foundation of high growth companies. Fast track your own path to predictable profit with a personalized, structured roadmap and one-one-one coaching to support implementation.

The Growth Roundtable focuses on reaching your company’s goals. Under the strong leadership of Shannon Susko, members will be accountable to the goals they set. The monthly CEO mentoring sessions will focus on members’ strategic issues, business challenges and implementation of best practices with occasional guest appearances from some of Shannon’s resources such as thought leaders and subject matter experts.

The Growth Roundtable is available only as part of the Elite Membership based on availability


  • Closed group of 8 to 10 members
  • Monthly half day meetings scheduled a year in advance
  • Groups meet for highly structured, half day sessions monthly, focused on setting a rhythm for growth
  • Professional facilitation provided by Shannon Susko, ACETECH’s Growth Architect
  • One on one monthly coaching sessions
  • Annual group retreat

Once I got involved in ACETECH, I  realized what my role as CEO needed to be. Now I’m focusing on the right things and moving Celayix to the next level.

Gurmit Dhaliwal, President, Celayix Software
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