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Leaders helping leaders

Passionate CEOs of their own companies, ACETECH’s CEO Roundtable Chairs are committed and trained to lead and foster constructive dialogue within each group. Each leader leverages their personal business experiences to bring the group’s culture to life and ensure adherence to the principles and core values that are the foundation of each group.

John Brett

President & CEO, Delta-X Research

As CEO of Delta-X Research, John drives and manages corporate strategy, business development, operations and finance. Over 25 years, John held leadership roles in organizations that operated or provided solutions for demanding applications including utility operations, industrial automation, and navy command & control.

John was an early principal at Tantalus, a leading utility communications company, where he established and built the vision for a real-time, two-way communications network to automate utilities all the way to consumers; a model that is now standard for grid modernization implementations.  John received his electrical engineering degree from the Royal Military College of Canada, and is a registered Professional Engineer.

Jack Crompton

President, RideBooker

Jack Crompton’s professional life has focused mainly on transportation and software. He founded Whistler Resort Cabs and operated the company until 2008. He is now President of RideBooker; a company that offers ground transportation (taxi, bus, and limousine) across Canada and the United States.

Jack has deep roots in Whistler and is passionate about the future of his community. His grandparents were original shareholders in the Garibaldi Lift Company and built the Clock Tower Hotel. Jack’s professional life has focused mainly on transportation and software. He founded Whistler Resort Cabs and operated the company until 2008.

Jack likes to talk politics of any description. He is fascinated by political history, local government and international affairs.

Jack and his wife Carolyn have four children; Georgia, Margaret, Van and Harriet. They enjoy “the beautiful game”, mountain biking, skiing and being in the mountains.


Independent Director, ACETECH

John has enjoyed 30+ years in the Vancouver high tech industry starting out in engineering and moving through technical consulting, sales, channel management, international business development and most recently in COO and CEO roles.

With companies like Nexus, Epic Data, Dynapro/Rockwell, NICE Systems (Israel), Infowave, Marqui, SXIP Identity and Tri-M Technologies, John has learned significant lessons through both success and failure. Growing companies through go-to-market execution is a passion and a strength.

Outside of work, John considers his Christian faith, his family (married with 3 young adults), his friends & community, along with physical activities (extreme conditioning, ball hockey, cycling and competitive bowling) as life priorities.

John is the past-Chair and a Director of ACETECH, a Director with A Rocha Canada, and the Chair of the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation. Another passion is mentoring and today he journeys with 9 CEO’s (one-on-one) and ~40 CEO’s (via ACETECH roundtables).

Darrell Hadden

President, Graphically Speaking

Darrell is the founder and president of Graphically Speaking, the second largest web and application development agency in Greater Vancouver. He is also the past president of the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association and chair of the judging committee for Marketer of the Year.

Prior to founding Graphically Speaking, Darrell was involved with two research and technology companies that played a pivotal role in the evolution of the internet. He first worked with AEL Microtel/Microtel Pacific Research, a joint partnership between BC Tel and GTE Telephone, and later with Rogers Cable’s research and technology division, Cableshare.

Adrian Moise

CEO, Aequilibrium Software Inc.

With two decades of experience in the technology world, delivering great software products and engaging user experiences on multiple platforms, Adrian has managed and helped build several successful businesses to develop and deliver products with research and user experience at the heart of every creation.

Through attracting great talent, he’s designed and built high-performing, autonomous teams that foster a collaborative environment and are committed to delivering custom-solutions for clients and their customers. He’s driven and passionate about building Lean and Agile Organizations that create products focused on customer engagement to give clients a competitive advantage with what they offer. Michelin, Nintendo, Nike, Electronic Arts, Starbucks, Microsoft are just a few of the brands he’s worked with in Canada, US and Europe.

Hypothesize, research, build, and test—from his academic background, this is the approach that Adrian uses to incorporate speed and craftsmanship to help businesses build winning products that keep them ahead of their competitors in the fast-moving technology industry.

Adrian’s other specialities include: Architecture, Technology Design & Implementation for desktop, website, mobile, & social media, omni-channel strategy & planning, CMS, E-commerce, APIs, Platforms, & Enterprise Integration, branding, advertising, & digital media, marketing program performance management & integrated business, and HCI, usability, & design for gaming consoles, tablets, mobile, websites & kiosks.

Adrian also makes a mean espresso and can teach you a killer chess move or two… in English, French, Romanian or Italian.


President, StarFish Medical

Scott holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia. Prior to starting StarFish, he worked in diverse areas such as lithium battery development and manufacturing, UV spectroscopy instrumentation and hi-fi audio speakers.

Under his leadership StarFish has grown from being a highly motivated team working on one project at a time to a diverse professional organization with clients around the world and 100% focus on medical devices.

Carl Saunders

CEO, Vorum

Vorum was founded by Carl Saunders, co-developer of the world’s first computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system for the prosthetics and orthotics (P & O) industry. Vorum provides pre-packaged productivity tools, custom solutions and consulting services for the P & O industry.

With a strong commitment to continuous research and development, Vorum and its Canfit family of software and hardware products represent the leading edge in CAD/CAM technology for the P & O industry. Shape scanning technology, design modification software and CNC milling machines are available for prosthetics and orthotics applications including above and below knee sockets, body jackets, knee braces and lower extremity orthotics and cosmetic covers. A complete footwear system is also available featuring a 3D scanner, design software and carver for the manufacture of custom shoe lasts and orthotic insoles for the medical and retail shoe industry. Vorum has over 250 product installations in over 175 locations worldwide including USA, Europe and Asia and is proficient in conducting business in several languages including French and German.

Shannon Susko

CEO, Metronome Growth Systems

If there is one person that embodies ACETECH, both as a CEO that benefited from our events and workshops early on, and later as a CEO that helped build ACETECH and support other CEOs, it’s Shannon Susko, successful tech entrepreneur and author of The Metronome Effect.

Shannon’s success was built on the tools and methodologies she developed and outlined in her book, The Metronome Effect, and which form the foundation of ACETECH’s Growth Strategy Program. And, she’s living proof that they work, with more than twenty years’ experience building and leading successful high-growth technology companies.

Shannon has been a driving force in the development of ACETECH’s Growth Strategy Program, ensuring that it encapsulates the most practical tools and proven methods. She has pulled together the best thinking and research of our time and structured it all into one rhythm, or pattern of activities, that CEOs can follow day-by-day, week-by-week, and year after year to lead better, reduce uncertainty and drive profitable growth.

As ACETECH Growth Architect, Shannon continues to lead and support the organization with her incredible commitment to helping other CEOs lead better and achieve profitable growth. Today you’ll find Shannon delivering the foundational elements of ACETECH’s Growth Strategy Program. She also serves as an ACETECH ambassador as she travels throughout North America to top tech conferences and organizations, inviting innovative thought-leaders back to Vancouver to share new ideas, tools and methodologies with our members.

Michael Togyi

CEO, BasicGov

Established in 1985, BasicGov is the leading pioneer of cloud solutions that offers a comprehensive operations management platform enabling Governments to automate, streamline and innovate operations to cut costs while ensuring the efficient delivery of quality services to citizens.

Michael’s goal is to always develop and launch world class businesses and products. His specialties include: Technology – Cloud Computing, SaaS, e-commerce, communication networks; Business – Sales and Sales Leadership, strategic marketing, web marketing, angel/private financing, contract negotiation, project management, branding.

Gonzalo Tudela

Co-Founder, Vandrico Solutions

Gonzalo is CEO and co-founder of Vandrico Solutions, an enterprise wearables software company based in Vancouver. With a background in finance and mining operations, Gonzalo is an early champion of the positive impact wearable technology will have on large commercial operations.

Gonzalo’s insights have been featured in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Entrepreneur Magazine and TechCrunch.

He is a TEDx speaker who regularly presents to business leaders across the world. Gonzalo’s expertise has been televised internationally to millions of viewers on the Globo TV network and CBC.

Gonzalo currently leads Vandrico in helping large global organizations use wearable technology as a way to overcome safety and operational challenges.

My only regret is that I wish I would have joined earlier. The sessions are very informative and useful. My CEO Roundtable provides huge value. I now move my travel schedule to make sure I attend.

Udi Daon, Past CEO, Navigate Surgical Technologies
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