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Timely advice and brutal honesty

Focus on goals and strategies! The purpose of ACETECH’s CEO Roundtable peer mentoring program is to provide a forum for like-minded CEOs of growth oriented tech companies to identify and discuss important issues pertinent to their immediate needs. There is a culture of brutal honesty in every CEO Roundtable and a strict code of confidentiality that provides a safe environment where CEOs can openly discuss the issues that keep them awake at night.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Receive unbiased feedback on your strategy from like-minded CEOs
  • Acquire leadership skills to create a high-performance culture
  • Regularly spend time working on your business, not just in your business
  • Share and learn best practices of other high performing companies
  • Develop a strong and reliable peer support group
  • Leverage peer accountability for your own growth goals
  • Have those 10% of conversations you can’t have anywhere else

Other Benefits

  • Develop authentic and long lasting relationships
  • Lower your stress and find new approaches for achieving better work-life balance
  • Get energized and inspired
  • Find out that you are not alone

Peer learning, framed from experience, is fun and invaluable. When I listen to my peers, I know they are walking in my shoes and deal with many of the same realities I do. This continues to be so important in moving from idea or strategy to execution. Thank you ACETECH.

Chris Wilson, President, Function Point Productivity Software
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