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Start-ups, emerging and growth companies:

In Tech startups, emerging and growth companies RTM strategy impacts all of the functional areas in the Tech organization. From the CEO and the Board, to the functional heads of Finance, R&D, Product Development, Sales, Marketing and HR high-performance RTM strategy impact them all. The Tech RTM workshop is designed for Board, CEO, and CEO direct reports in emerging Tech companies.

Mature tech companies:

In more mature Tech companies the course meets the current and future needs of Marketing, Sales, Channel and Business Development strategists and tacticians. This group would include product marketers, channel marketers, channel developers and channel managers.


This session examines the six unique aspects of channel marketing capability required to successfully develop a high growth channel and tech routes to market strategy:

– Channel marketing in the context of Corporate and Product Marketing-what is it?
– The business proposition
– Channel marketing programs and their impacts
– The “business proposition audit”
– Influence, ecosystems and channel marketing
– Taking the friction out of the Channel Marketing process


Channelcorp Partners Bruce and Margaret Stuart will deliver the session.

Bruce Stuart and Margaret Stuart created Channelcorp in 1989. This independent Vancouver based firm is a leading global RTM and channel consultancy and strategy education firm specializing in consulting with and educating management teams of innovative, entrepreneurial and high-performance software, hardware and telecommunications firms. Channelcorp has delivered consulting and executive education assignments “on the ground” in 25 countries in NA, SA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including Japan and China. The firm has published 13 books, and in excess of 500 articles on RTM strategy and execution in the global technology industry and educated thousands of tech industry executives around the world.

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