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The Bottom Line:
Gain Financial Fluency and Grow Your Business (CEO exclusive event)

While most tech CEOs and entrepreneurs are not accountants or finance managers, understanding the financial flows of your business is critical for long term growth and value creation. In this interactive workshop we’ll review the key financial metrics you need to make better decisions, and drive both growth and return on capital. From the top line to the bottom line—and everything in between–we’ll go beyond the numbers and share the essential financial knowledge you need to manage your company and succeed.

Key topics include:

  • How to read your balance sheet and income statement
  • What banks and investors look for when they read your statements
  • Types of accounting support available
Plus, we encourage you to submit any questions you have in advance of the workshop to mpauls@kpmg.ca

Speaker: Matt Pauls
Audit Manager
604-527-3671 | mpauls@kpmg.ca

Matt has been working within the KPMG Enterprise private client practice since 2013. Matt is passionate about helping clients make their businesses better and has worked with private companies in a range of industries including SAAS Technology, Wholesale Food Distribution, and Retail Manufacturing.

Matt successfully completed the Common Final Examination in 2017. He was recently accepted into KPMG’s Digital University program and will be completing a Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Digital Analytics from Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business in 2019.

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