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A Discovery Foundation Growth Essential Program

Presented by Bruce Stuart

You know that your growth in 2019 will require improvements and investments in your firm’s thinking about Routes to Market strategy. You know that any part of a business that consumes 20-50% of all expenses and 1.5-3.5X as much money as is spent on R&D must be taken seriously! You know that the earlier a tech company starts thinking seriously about solving their routes to market problems, the better the job they do. Like many things, the earlier you start working on the problem the earlier you solve it. And you know that startups benefit immensely from early attention to routes to market strategy as it helps them frame the form of product, service or technology they need to create in order to have a shot at commercial success.

You also know that in many emerging and mature tech companies it currently takes more time to research, develop and execute a new or re designed routes to market strategy then it takes to create the product, service or technology that they wish to take to market. You also know, if you have watched the videos, that Channelcorp know what they are talking about.


In this workshop part 2 of 2:

You will walk out of the workshop with a complete and powerful plan for 2019 growth, and the logic behind it.

Specific questions you will answer in part 2 include:

  • Is there a logical architecture for the RTM strategy-How complete does your offering have to be?
  • Will the offering be complete when it leaves your premise or will third party marketing, sales or distribution partners need to complete the offering?
  • How much skill will be required to complete your offering?
  • How much will the completion cost?
  • Who will bear the cost of completion?
  • How complete is it possible for your team to make the offering?
  • -Is that good enough?
  • Can you contract out “offering completion” to partners or can your organization do it? -How complete does the offering need to be for the customer to buy it, and be satisfied or even delighted by it?
  • How is the business partner going to make money selling the offering?
  • What does the business proposition look like from the partner perspective?
  • How much money is there in the producers profit model to invest in the ‘service” of the business partner?
  • The situation of the overwhelming use of partners to get tech products and services to market creates a number of questions that are not always easy for a tech company to answer.
  • What does the ideal partner look like?
  • How do you find these partners?
  • How much do these partners need to be compensated?
  • How do the various species of partner make money?
  • How do you develop and manage these partners?
  • Will you grow via increasing the size of your partners?
  • Will you add more partners?
  • Will you grow individual partners and add more partners?
  • What does a route to market plan look like?



Bruce R Stuart Founding Partner of Channelcorp will deliver the workshop. Channelcorp Vancouver-based independent advisory firm. It is a leading global cloud and SaaS Route To Market (RTM) channel consultancy and strategy education firm. Channelcorp specializes in consulting with, and educating the management teams of software (cloud and on-premise), hardware and telecommunications firms wishing to change or augment their business models with a shift to a recurring revenue model.   Bruce has delivered consulting and executive education assignments “on the ground” in 25 countries in NA, SA, Europe, Middle east and Asia including Japan and China. He has written 13 books on technology RTM issues and more then 700 articles.

Notable RTM consulting and channel education clients of Bruce and Channelcorp include: Apple, Adobe, Alias/Wavefront, Autodesk, Avaya, Avnet, AT&T, BEA, Comcast, Cisco, Compaq, DEC, Extreme Networks, Fiserv, Glory Global, Hitachi, HP, HPE, IBM, Intel, Informix, Juniper Networks, Kodak, Lucent, Mentor Graphics, Microsoft, McCaw Cellular, NCR, Northern Telecom, Oracle, Plantronics, QMS, Radiant Technologies, SAP, Symantec, Star Micronics, Tektronix, Trimble, Unisys, Verizon, VMware, Wachter Industries, Xerox, Zebra Technologies.

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