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Routes to Market Strategy Workshop-Part 2

Make or break your success with the right mix

with Bruce R. Stuart, Co-Founder, Channelcorp

A Discovery Foundation Growth Essential Program

Do you know what your ideal channel partners looks like? Do you know where to find them, how to compensate them, and how to manage them?


Not exactly? You’re not alone…


Partner and channel management is more complex than ever before—recurring revenue business models are taking over and the right Routes to Market (RTM) strategy can make or break your success in 2019.


We can help….

Our proven methodology will help you create a powerful plan to transform your RTM strategy and drive sustainable profitable growth.


In this RTM Strategy Workshop you will:

  • Answer ten key questions—to lay the foundation for a new RTM strategy
  • Build a channel/partner system—through a hands-on case study and audit you’ll learn how to assess and build your channel partner plan for 2019
  • Identify and eliminate friction—learn the five key sources of organizational and strategic friction that could impact your success in 2019
  • Receive Channelcorp’s White Paper “Tech Routes-to-Market: Focus to 2019”

Proven Results

  • Align your sales, marketing and distribution activities
  • Optimize your mix—spend less, sell more
  • Enhance existing channel partners and grow your routes to market
  • Deliver products/services to market in the most effective and efficient way
  • Drive sustainable profitable growth


“In the blurring lines between client and partner in the tech industry, having the right route to market strategy is critical to bring scale and success. Channelcorp has been an industry leader in channel strategy and brings the right mix of knowledge and passion to the topic.”

Joanna Raitano

Client Director, Arrow North America

IBM Corporation


“A tech company with an amazing culture, a killer product, a hot market and a flawed Routes to Market strategy will either fail or seriously underperform. Channelcorp trained me 15+ years ago on RTM and I can confirm that they know this topic better than anyone in NA “

John Diack


John Diack CEO Mentoring


Missed Part 1? No problem!

  • This hands-on, four-hour workshop will provide you everything you need to transform your RTM strategy and complete a powerful plan to drive profitable growth in 2019.
  • You can contact Bruce Stuart directly at channel@intergate.ca for a one on one conversation and an overview of Route to Market Part 1.


About Bruce and Channelcorp

About Bruce, Margaret and Channelcorp

Bruce and Margaret Stuart, CMC, are co-founders of Channelcorp, an independent, professional consulting firm and global leader focused on Routes to Market (RTM) strategy, executive education, and business model transformation for technology companies of all sixes and stages of development.


Channelcorp are known for their breadth and depth of highly specialized RTM knowledge and analytical rigor to solve complex problems.  Their unrivaled subject-matter expertise and methodologies, along with his proven ability to educate and inspire positive behavior changes have had powerful impacts across all levels of client organizations. Channelcorp has published more than 700 articles in more than a dozen major industry publications. Channelcorp is also the author of fourteen books, and has produced a number of industry reports, webinars, videos, and audiotapes for a variety of vendor and distributor clients.


Over the last 30 years, Bruce and his team have delivered strategic projects, workshops and executive education to hundreds of organizations and thousands of channel managers and business leaders in 40 countries across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia including China and Japan. Notable clients include: Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, AT&T, Comcast, Cisco, Compaq, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Verizon and Xerox.


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