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Expenses Lead Revenues; Investments Lead Returns

A Discovery Foundation Growth Essential Program

Forecasting and then financing the growth of a born in the cloud business is a difficult thing to do. The transformation from a legacy, transaction-centric business model to a cloud/SaaS or XSP centric recurring revenue business model is also very tough. In this session, Bruce R Stuart, partner in Vancouver-based Channelcorp will help you examine the cash flow dynamics of cloud, SaaS and XSP transformations.

The session will be presented in six conversations:

Every Picture Tells a Story: The Shape of Cash
The Players: The Big 6 Drivers
The Questions: an Interactive Case Study
The Answer
The Impact on Valuation
Churn and Customer Retention: The Silent Killers

Led by Bruce Stuart of Channelcorp, this workshop is particularly relevant for”

  • Companies that are not achieving predictable revenue through their channel program
  • Companies who have channels that are slow to ramp, too high maintenance, or are unable to sell their offering
  • Companies that are struggling to decide which is the most profitable route-to-market
  • Companies that have a channel and it is producing reasonable revenues but low profits

The workshop will be followed by a CEO networking reception with complimentary drinks and appetizers.  


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