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Expenses Lead Revenues; Investments Lead Returns

Forecasting and then financing the growth of a born in the cloud business is a difficult thing to do. The transformation from a legacy, transaction centric business model to a cloud/SaaS or XSP centric recurring revenue business model is also very tough. In this session, Bruce R Stuart, partner in Vancouver-based Channelcorp will help you and your team examine the cash flow dynamics of cloud, SaaS and XSP transformations.

The session will be presented in six conversations:

  • Every picture tells a story: the shape of cash
  • The players: the big 6 drivers
  • The questions: an interactive case study
  • The answer
  • The impact on valuation
  • Churn and customer retention: the silent killers

About Channelcorp

A 30 year veteran of the global tech industry Bruce Stuart and Partner Margaret Stuart have worked with many organizations including Adobe, Autodesk, HPE, HP, VMware, IBM, Cisco, SAP, Xerox and others as they and their partners have made the transformation to a recurring revenue future.

This session should be attended by CEOs, CFOs, key Route to Market executives and Board Members or advisors to tech companies that are considering or are in the process of transformation to a recurring revenue model.

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