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Rhythm + Discipline = Results

This is where the magic happens. As an ACETECH member, you will have access to our CEO leadership program, the Growth Strategy Program (GSP). This is a framework, taught through a series of workshops, that includes practical tools and proven methods to help you transform your leadership and enhance the performance of your organization.

Rhythm + Discipline

As a part of the CEO leadership program, ACETECH constantly seeks the best strategic minds and brightest speakers on cutting edge approaches and innovative practices to provide members with new ways of accelerating growth.

By establishing a rhythmthe right pattern of critical activities; and setting the beat–the right timing and frequency of those activities, you will create clarity, alignment and accountability within the organization. And, as Shannon Susko, ACETECH’s Growth Architect, will tell you, “the rhythm will set you free.”


It is the CEO’s responsibility to foster a culture of learning and provide regular opportunities for the team to elevate their thinking and to understand what good looks like for high growth companies.

Members have the option to work through the Growth Strategy Program with their teams to achieve even stronger results and the highest level of clarity, alignment and accountability. The ultimate goal is to create buy-in and unlock the collaborative mind of your team members so you can leverage your shared passion and wisdom.


  • Achieve your best potential as a CEO
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Gain confidence that you’re doing the right things right
  • Create more time to focus on your business
  • Keep your team focused, accountable and engaged
  • Reduce your risk, reduce your stress

If you want to level up your performance and accelerate your growth, then let’s get started.


I’m getting tons of value from the CEO Roundtable and the Growth Strategy Program, and having my team trained at the same time has made all the difference. We’ve been able to implement and make real positive changes in our company.

Michael Togyi, CEO, BasicGov Systems
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