Product Management Masterclass 
Maximizing Value Through The Product Life-Cycle with Paul Save & Timothy Yeung
This program is normally $299
Acetech is making it available to you for only $95USD

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Product Management

March 11th @ 8:00 AM PST
  • ​Thursday, March 11th from 8:00am - 9:00am PST
Workshop: Product Management Masterclass

From inception, through launch and along the customer journey, learn how to develop Products that
matter–faster while maximizing value at every step - no matter where you are now.

  • How To Build a Successful Product
    Uncover unmet market needs and develop software products that are profitable and scalable.
  • ​Product Management in 2021 
    How to ensure your Product Management team is laser focused on the needs of your customer. 
  • ​Scaling Product Management Teams 
    When and how to scale a cross-functional team effectively. Common mistakes to avoid. 
  • ​How To Maximize Value & Growth
    How to keep users renewing and expanding their subscriptions month after month.​

Meet Your Product Management Experts

Paul Save
Director of Product | Machine Learning Educator | 3X Entrepreneur
Timothy Yeung
Lead Product Manager at TELUS Digital | President & Board Member at ProductBC | Product Evangelist & Mentor 
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