Acetech Digital Summit 2020
A Discovery Foundation Growth Essential Program
‚ÄĘ October 13th, 2020
‚ÄĘ October 20th, 2020
‚ÄĘ October 27th, 2020
‚ÄĘ November 5th, 2020

How To Thrive In The Digital First Economy.
Your Road Map For Growth In 2021.

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Working Labs

  • MASTER CLASSES¬†An immersive online experience that delivers strategies, tactics and tools from 16 industry experts.
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  • ‚ÄčDOWNLOADABLES Guides, templates and take-homes for you and your teams

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Interactive Panels

  • JOIN THE DISCUSSION¬†‚ÄčAsk questions and share your experience during four interactive panels; we cover marketing, sales, operations and leadership.
  • GAIN INSIGHT Real time optics on how your peers are responding to the challenges and opportunities of 2020, courtesy of¬†Thoughtexchange.

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What You Can Expect
Day 1
October 13th

Refocusing Your Growth Strategy

Do you have a comprehensive growth plan for the digital first economy? Is your brand optimized for the hyper-competitive online marketplace? Do you know how to identify and engage your best customers online? To get your business where it needs to go in 2021, it’s time to refocus your growth strategy.

LAB 1  

2021: Challenges & Opportunities

This is a Fundamental Course
Lab is available at 9:00am PST

The quarantine economy has accelerated the transformation to digital first - and made it all the more urgent. Companies need to be nimble if they're going to succeed. We take a deep dive into the challenges and hidden opportunities. 

Host: E. Brian Johnson
Guest Expert: Karen Hayward

LAB 2  

Brand-As-Business Strategy: 
Developing A Brand Blueprint

This is a Fundamental Course
Lab is available at 10:00am PST

Is your brand ready? See the brand-as-business strategy to boost profit margins, improve company culture and establish leadership in a crowded digital market.

Instructor: E. Brian Johnson
Guest Expert: Jim Southcott
Special Guest: Vlad Kovacevic: Inovatec Systems Inc.

LAB 3  

Your Dream 100: Know Your Buyers Better Than They Know Themselves

This is a Tactical Course
Lab is available at 11:00am PST

Identify the top 100 people of influence that you’d like to partner with, work with or sell to. We’ll show you exactly how to do that.

Instructor: E. Brian Johnson 
Guest Expert: Bernadette Saquibal

LAB 4  

Enhanced Targeting: Your Starting Point for Account Based Marketing (ABM)

This is a Tactical Course
Lab is available at 1:00pm PST

Learn how to identify and engage your best customers with next gen account-based marketing (ABM) tactics and software.

Instructor: E.Brian Johnson 
Guest Expert: Chris Macomber


Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?
Getting the voice of your customer into your marketing

This is a Forum
Panel is available at 3:00pm PST

Your buyers have changed and the way they buy has changed. It's time to stop relying on Sales to understand your customers. How to develop in-house marketing and sales strategies based on the voice of the customer - and real market insight.

Host: E. Brian Johnson 
Guest Expert: Karen Hayward 
Guest Expert: Jim Southcott
Day 2
October 20th

Executing Your Growth Strategy 
with Digital Marketing Secrets

Now, more than ever, leaders need to review their digital strategy. Understanding how marketing funnels work, how to acquire targeted traffic and what questions to ask to better build predictive models will give you the tools to outperform your competitors.

LAB 1  

Why Your Website Isn’t Converting

This is a Fundamental Course
Lab is available at 9:00am PST

How to build marketing funnels that actually convert. Understanding the art and science of demand generation.

Instructor: Adam White

LAB 2  

Driving Traffic: Think Like A Growth Hacker

This is a Fundamental Course
Lab is available at 10:00am PST

Understand your three sources of traffic and where you need to focus your budget. Think like a growth hacker.

Instructor: Adam White
Guest Expert: Apoorva Pande

LAB 3  

B2B: ABM Strategies Your Competitors Aren't Using… Yet.

This is a Tactical Course
Lab is available at 11:00am PST

B2B marketing has changed. The data you have access to is almost limitless, but how do you turn that into revenue? A data insider reveals how to outperform your competitors every time.

Instructor: Adam White
Guest Expert: Alexander MacArthur: StackAdapt

LAB 4  

B2C: How To Gamify The Buyer's Journey

This is a Tactical Course
Lab is available at 1:00pm PST

Understanding buying behavior in the digital environment. How platforms trends drive demand. How to avoid the dreaded ‚Äúplatform slap‚ÄĚ and stay one step ahead of the market.

Instructor: Adam White
Guest Expert: Zach Radford: Conversion Expert


Growth Tactics: Beyond 2020 And Emerging Trends In Digital

This is a Forum
Panel is available at 3:00pm PST

Marketing is constantly evolving. The rise of smart chat bots, machine learning, interactive content and data everywhere. How to stay smart and future-focused. 

Host: Adam White
Guest Expert: Apoorva Pande
Guest Expert: Julie Candelon
Day 3
October 27th

B2B Sales Strategies In The New Normal 

Sales leaders are looking for ways to address today’s current challenges. Which is why we’ve assembled our best minds to lead us through virtual selling - and how to motivate distributed cross-functional teams. Aligning Sales and Marketing is how you’re going to surpass your targets this year - and next.

LAB 1  

Aligning Sales & Marketing: How It Drives Revenue

This is a Fundamental Course
Lab is available at 10:00am PST

When Sales and Marketing align, revenue increases, the sales cycle shortens, and conversion rates improve along with forecast accuracy. 

Instructor: Chris Strachan
Guest Expert: Aristomenis Capogeannis: NVIDIA

LAB 2  

What It Takes To Build An Effective Sales Organization

This is a Fundamental Course
Lab is available at 11:00am PST

If you want to build a strong business, you're eventually going to have to hand over the sales reins to a sales team. Here's how to do it right in today’s environment. 

Instructor: Chris Strachan
Guest Expert: Robert Villarreal: Minio


Mastering Virtual Selling 

This is a Forum
Fireside Chat is available at 2:00pm PST

Some companies are doing better than ever in the new virtual sales environment. Learn from the teams that have cracked it.

Host: Chris Strachan
Guest Expert: Jessica Nordlander: Thoughtexchange
Day 4
November 5th

The Leadership Mindset

You now have the tools and strategies to maximize your success in the digital first economy. But change begins with YOU. That’s why Day 4 is focused on you as a leader.

Ultimately, success depends on your own personal commitment to navigate the changes ahead.
You are the transformation agent. You are the pilot. 


Design Thinking Dr. David Harper (Discovery Foundation) 

This is a Fundamental Course
Lab is available at 10:00am PST

The world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google, Samsung and GE, have adopted Design Thinking in their approach. We'll take a deep dive into Design Thinking and how it's the key to succeeding in these volatile times.

Host: David Harper


Chaos Pilot: The Necessary Mindset to Lead in These Times

This is a Forum
Fireside chat is available at 11:00am PST

Using the Thoughtexchange platform, all attendees will have a chance to share their input -  and rank their biggest takeaway from the Summit. We will view the collective feedback throughout the Summit and together set milestones for the next Acetech gathering.

Host: Ellie Rubin
Guest Expert: David MacLeod, CEO Thoughtexchange


Acetech Digital Summit Finale: The Collective Learning & Individual TakeAway

This is a Forum
Panel is available at 1:00pm PST

This closing panel will be a ‚Äėconversation‚Äô that will reveal the exchange of personal experiences and learning from experts in leadership, company culture and mindset management.¬†

Host Ellie Rubin
Guest Expert: Steve Cadigan: Keynote Speaker | Talent Hacker
Guest Expert: Olenka Villarreal: Ted Speaker | Founder | CEO
Your Hosts

Ellie Rubin

Founder | Bestselling Author | Startup Advisor

Ellie Rubin is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and business advisor, with a background in technology and business journalism.

Dr. David G. Harper

CEO: Discovery Foundation

Author, health educator, researcher and consultant and the CEO of the Discovery Foundation. The Discovery Foundation provides funds for agents that help to foster the development and sustainability of the tech sector in BC.
Your Instructors

Chris Strachan


Adam White

VP & Head of Growth: SVGA

Brian Johnson

Creative Director: SVGA

Your Industry Experts

Karen Hayward

Managing Partner & CMO: Chief Outsiders

Dave MacLeod

CEO: Thoughtexchange

Steve Cadigan

Board Member | Keynote Speaker |Talent Hacker | Advisor

Robert Villarreal

Vice President of Sales: Minio, Inc.

Olenka Villarreal

CEO: Magical Bridge Foundation | TED Speaker

Aristomenis Capogeannis

Director of Marketing: NVIDIA 

Chris Macomber

CEO: WhoKnows, Inc.

Jim Southcott

Partner: Redshift Collective

Bernadette Saquibal

Digital Marketing Strategist | Brand Consultant

Apoorva Pande

CEO: Focused Founder

Julie Candelon

Founder: Outsourced Marketing & Demand Generation

Alex MacArthur

Account Director: StackAdapt

Zach Radford

Managing Partner: Profitable Ads

Jessica Nordlander

COO: Thoughtexchange

"This is an unique opportunitiy to learn from leading experts in the digital ecomomy, share your own experience and bring the knowledge home to your teams". 
- Ellie Rubin
Host: Acetech Digital Summit 2020
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CEO: Beanworks

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CEO: Starling Minds

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